Record a Solidworks macro - Solidworks Automation

Record a Solidworks macro

In this example we will discuss about “How to Record a Macro in Solidworks”

Open the Solidworks, Go to Tools -> Macro -> Record

solidworks mac

Then start your project, in this example we will be making a cylinder (Draw circle and extrude it to Cylinder)

Create a New Part Document

solidworks automation

Then Create a Circle and Extrude it.

sw automation


After creating the Cylinder, Go to Tools -> Macro-> Stop and save your Macro

solidworks vba automation


After saving the macro, close the part document (without saving it)


Now, you have created your macro for creating a cylinder. (Dimensioning will be discussed in next post)

In order to use the macro, go to Tools->Macro->Run

create a macro in solidworks


And open the newly created macro

solidworks automation


As you can see that your Part Document is automatically generated

macro in solidworks


we will discuss about manipulating the macros/vba for solidworks automation in next article


solidworks automation