Read the value of a cell from another excel file without opening it

You have an excel file at location D:\ (example D:\fromdata.xlsx ) and you want to read its cell value E2 and put it inside the file located at C:\ (example C:\todata.xlsx )

Open your file at C:\todata.xlsx go to Developer Tab and then insert a button










excel automation

After positing your button, assign macro window will automatically pop up

then go for a new macro

excel automation

Now you have your VBA Editor opened

excel automation 3

copy below codes and paste between the Command Button click  (just below Button1_Click())

Dim wkbk1 As Workbook
Set wkbk1 = Workbooks.Open("D:\
Dim cellvalueofdatafile As Variant
cellvalueofdatafile = wkbk1.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("E" & 2)

ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A" & 1) = cellvalueofdatafile


now we have the cell value of E2 (of D:\fromdata.xlsx, Sheet1) in the variable cellvalueofdatafile which can be put it inside your file

A1 by using the formula ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A" & 1) = cellvalueofdatafile

Save it as macro enabled file

You are done!!


excel automation