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Extract data from Excel and use it in AutoCAD

Submitted by techrev on Wed, 09/13/2017 - 11:54

You can extract the data from an excel file (without opening it) and use it inside an AutoCAD file for drawing objects;

This is just an example on How to use the data from Excel Cells inside the CAD drawing to Automate the Autocad drawing process.

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Don't forget to add Microsoft Excel Object Libraries (Tools->References) [AutoCAD VBA Editor]

Read the value of a cell from another excel file without opening it

Submitted by techrev on Sat, 04/29/2017 - 07:58

You have an excel file at location D:\ (example D:\fromdata.xlsx ) and you want to read its cell value E2 and put it inside the file located at C:\ (example C:\todata.xlsx )

Open your file at C:\todata.xlsx go to Developer Tab and then insert a button










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Create Custom Commands for Excel - VBA

Submitted by techrev on Thu, 12/29/2016 - 09:49

Create Custom Commands for Excel - VBA

You can create Custom Commands for Excel to perform some predetermined operations. These commands can be entered directly inside a cell to do the required actions (calculations)

Please note that, these commands are made on VBA, so please refer our previous articles for the basic idea on Macros and VBA

Example Command : ADD

Command to ADD to values from columns A and B and display in C, the command “ADD” will be typed in cells of Column C

Steps :


How to insert a button in Excel (VBA)
How to insert a button in Excel (VBA) Excel Automation Tutorials
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