21, Feb, 2019

Record a Solidworks macro – Solidworks Automation

solidworks vba

Record a Solidworks macro

In this example we will discuss about “How to Record a Macro in Solidworks”

Open the Solidworks, Go to Tools -> Macro -> Record

Then start your project, in this example we will be making a cylinder (Draw circle and extrude it to Cylinder)

Create a New Part Document

Then Create a Circle and Extrude it.

After creating the Cylinder, Go to Tools -> Macro-> Stop and save your Macro

After saving the macro, close the part document (without saving it)

Now, you have created your macro for creating a cylinder. (Dimensioning will be discussed in next post)

In order to use the macro, go to Tools->Macro->Run

And open the newly created macro

As you can see that your Part Document has automatically been generated

we will discuss about manipulating the macros/vba for solidworks automation in next article

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